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Senasen has taken the design and functionality concepts found on social media platforms to create a platform specifically for investor relations

Use any device

User generated content

Profile pages

Personalised news feed

Following functionality

Private messaging

Video & document upload

RSS feed integration

Privacy options

Tag content by investor type

Multi-user account functions

Note writing and sharing function

Unlike Social Media

All uploaded content is verified for assurance by a Senasen moderator before being released to a page.

No Fake News

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Our Community – bringing sectors together


Public Companies

Service for current and potential shareholders

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Private Investors

Retail, high net worth

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Funds and banks

Discretionary Wealth Managers

Family offices and advisors

Intermediaries & Support Services


Supporting issuers & pre-IPO

PR & IR advisors

Managing digital communication


Search, selection, review

Content Creators

Videos and presentations

Investor Relations and Marketing teams working together

To allow businesses to tell their story, we provide two pages – one for investor relations information and the other for product and services information. After all - Investors want to know about the people and the performance of a business as well as an understanding of what the business actually produces.

If you are a private company not looking for investment capital, you can state so on your profile and simply promote your brand.


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