We bring together companies and their investors through a secure and easy to use platform

With Senasen, telling your company’s story has never been easier or more effective


Senasen is a fully-funded start-up that has been in development since 2017. Join now and be one of the first on the network - attract extra attention by taking advantage of our launch as we roll out our global marketing campaign. Our vision is to create the biggest global network of companies, asset managers and investors.

Recent Joiners:

We know how hard companies work on communicating their value-creation stories, but we also know how hard it can be for them to reach the people who matter. Senasen provides a new solution that helps companies get their messages out there and acts as a revolutionary platform for investor interaction.

Senasen makes it easy to manage your content, target the people you want to reach and to tell your investor story – all within a moderated, professional environment

  • Create a profile page
  • Upload documents and videos
  • Contact investors and asset managers
  • Tag content by investor type
  • Create a personalised news feed
  • Integrate an existing RSS feed
  • Use private message and follow functions
  • Measure and track engagement

Setting up a basic account is free, and takes less than seven minutes.