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Senasen wants to organise investor relations content, created by Companies & Asset Managers for investors, and be a primary communication channel for engagement

Technology and social media platforms have revolutionised the way people communicate and share information.

The internet has done away with national borders; individuals can have a voice and express opinions to a wide audience; companies can reach millions with direct and targeted messaging; information can be communicated immediately, effectively, cheaply and efficiently.

In the investment world, a technology platform that supports user generated content, has not been developed to allow for the interaction between: Companies, Asset Managers, Investors, Intermediaries, and the broad financial services community – all in one place - until now.

Senasen addresses that easy access to information, the flow of thoughts & ideas, and direct interaction between the owners of capital – and the allocators of capital.

Investors are at the heart of Senasen - as they are for Companies & Asset Managers

We want Companies and Asset Managers to directly provide investors with investor relations & product and services information they are already producing by creating a profile on Senasen and uploading their content.

Companies | Asset Managers:

  • Make it easy- enable investors to efficiently consume the information and insight you create and drive engagement.
  • Be Compliant - considerations are built into the functionality and terms to ensure your information is only reaching those investors types for whom it is intended – and you have full control of everything on your pages.
  • Extend and deepen your reach– create your profile; upload your videos; documents; rss feed and have the information you create for investors reach them – wherever they may be in the world - on any device.

It is important to note that private companies who are not looking for investment capital, can state so on their profile. The Senasen platform is designed so that companies can choose to focus on profiling their products and services to a global professional demographic.

The Investor Experience

The design provides investors a consistent, efficient, and uniform experience to access information from organisations they choose to follow.

Upon creating an account, an investor must declare what investor type (private, professional, institution, pension, intermediary, discretionary wealth manager) they are and their country of residence. This is necessary for regulatory fund rules on what fund information is suitable for them. An Asset Manager tags their funds by investor type, which allows the platform to automatically restrict what investors can view. In addition an investor must accept fund disclaimers.

Investors can:

  • Create a personal profile with privacy options
  • Search for companies and asset managers based on filtered criteria of interests
  • See what is most popular
  • See individual company and asset manger pages for investor relations information and product and services information
  • Watch Videos
  • Read Documents, comments, company news
  • Make a comment | ask a question
  • Be followed by other investors and connect with them
  • Choose companies, asset managers, individual funds, and other investors to follow, with all new content posted to your personalized newsfeed – no noise -no clutter.
  • Privately message companies, asset managers, and other investors.

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