The changing face of IR

The way in which companies engage with their investors is changing rapidly and radically. On the one hand, broad regulatory changes require companies to engage more with their shareholders, while at the same time reducing the role of mediators...
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The Senasen story

CEO Blair McPherson and CMO Steve Allen discuss the reasons behind the creation of Senasen....
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Ready for launch

As we gear up for our launch it’s an exciting time for Senasen and the large group of test-users who have helped us hone and refine the platform (thank you!). Last night I had the pleasure of introducing our proposition to a small group of senior managers...
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Press Release

Companies and asset managers are looking for more effective ways to interact directly with their investors under regulatory changes, such as MiFID II. With markets becoming more jittery, investors are also seeking more effective real time channels of engagement.
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