Frequently asked questions

What can I stop doing by using Senasen?

Senasen drives a number of efficiencies for all user types.

For companies and asset managers, the platform means that you don’t have to:

  • Repeatedly provide the answers to the same questions to different audiences at different times
  • Send emails to share documents and communications
  • Use inappropriate social media channels to engage your audience
  • Spend time on in-person meetings
  • Spend time and money on expensive IR websites and applications
  • Rely on intermediaries to reach end-clients

For investors, Senasen minimises the need to:

  • Search through individual websites and IR apps
  • Spend time on in-person meetings
  • Rely on intermediaries to gain access to companies and their executives

How can compliance teams use Senasen?

Compliance teams can have their own access to the platform to review content, ensure that fund information is correctly tagged by investor type and location, and access an audit trail and archive of all private and public activity and communications.

How is Senasen different?

Senasen doesn’t have a direct competitor:

  • Social media share some of functionality, but operate in an uncontrolled environment that was built to cater to individuals (and social content)
  • News aggregation sites are not always reliable – all of our content is published directly by the owner
  • All of our revenue is derived from subscriptions – we don’t sell data or advertising
  • We're independent and focused solely on providing services for companies, asset managers and investors
  • We bring together interrelated communities that are currently separated by traditional market structure
  • We built our platform with compliance in mind from the outset
  • We're a truly values-driven organization with a strong focus on our clients and their needs

How does Senasen make money?

All of our revenue comes from user subscriptions. We don’t allow advertising or sell client data to third parties – meaning that we focus all of our attention on the needs of our users.

We are committed to protecting and respecting our users’ privacy. Full details of our privacy policy can be found here.

How much does it cost to join Senasen?

Setting a basic account is free for all users. For companies and asset managers we also have a tiered subscription fee depending on the functions they want to use. Please see our pricing policy for more information.

Who owns Senasen?

Senasen is an independent company that is wholly owned by its executives, advisors and a small group of private investors.

Why the “Senasen” name?

Senasen Services Ltd owns the trademark to the name “Senasen”. The Senasen name has positive attributes in many languages. As we have a global business model, the name was selected to attract awareness in both mature and emerging markets. For example: Senasen is the name of a city in East Java, Indonesia; The India index is named Sensex.

How do you moderate content and user behaviour?

A Senasen moderator approves any video or document that is uploaded by a company or asset manager user. The content is reviewed by a Senasen moderator to ensure professionalism. It is then approved and ‘released’ on the relevant user’s page.

Senasen also provides an automated banned word reject function.

All company and asset manager users (and Senasen) can delete videos, documents, comments, messaging at any time.

All users must sign up to our user guidelines and any user that breaches the code will be removed from the platform.

How do I pay?

All subscription payments are processed by Stripe. You can use standard credit and debit cards. We do not receive or retain client payment information.

How do you secure your data?

The website utilises a secure https domain and is locked so that only known and proven users can access it. When users arrive on the landing page they can do very little without logging in.

Our platform is hosted by Amazon Web Services – a secure cloud services platform.

Is there a Senasen app I need to download?

No –Senasen uses responsive web technologies so that it can be used on any device (mobile, tablet, desktop) and any operating system without the need to download software.

How long have you been in operation?

We are currently in our initial launch phase following a two year period of development.

How many users do have?

We are now beginning a formal product launch and will be looking to grow from the hundreds of users we currently have to thousands over the coming months.

Where are you based?

Senasen Services Ltd. is a UK registered company based in London.

Are you regulated by a financial body?

No, our service does not require regulation from a financial body.

Do you provide any other services beyond your technology platform?

No, we are only focused on our technology platform. We do not advise clients, trade client assets or manage client assets.