Mission and Values

We firmly believe that companies are more likely to thrive over the long-term if they focus on communicating how they create value and serve the societies they operate in. A strong emphasis on corporate reputation and communication not only demonstrates a commitment to brand building, but impacts on the way an organisation operates – prompting good behaviours and incentivising management teams to do better.

Senasen is passionate about promoting corporate transparency, openness and good governance.


Senasen seeks to create change for the better. Our business was founded on five key principles, today they guide every decision we make:

  • Accountability – we deliver on our promises, are attuned to the needs of our clients and proactively engage with our communities
  • Transparency – we act openly and honestly as a company, and use our position to promote and encourage best practices in shareholder engagement.
  • Growth – we seek to increase our own knowledge, share great ideas and offer our people the support they need to reach their full potential
  • Quality – our platform was designed to support meaningful engagement and valuable relationships. We want Senasen to represent what’s best about the digital economy.
  • Focus – our aim is to use technology to transform engagement between companies, asset managers and their investors. Everything else is a distraction from our mission!


Beyond our values, we make practical promises that turn principles into behaviours. Each member of the Senasen team is committed to:

  • Supporting corporate transparency and good governance
  • Building stronger relationships between companies and their investors
  • Putting our clients needs first – no advertising, no transfer of data to third parties
  • Empowering our people to reach their full potential in an enjoyable and fun environment
  • Acting with integrity and promoting sustainable business practices