Senasen User Guidelines

Updated: 2018

We understand that the Senasen platform is a new way in which to do business and members will need to explore the ways in which they engage within the community. Our core guidelines are universal to any professional environment. We ask our members to:

  • Be Professional. We ask our members to behave professionally and communicate as you would in a face-to-face business environment. There are many other places to go for pure social content and interaction. We are about business.
  • Be Polite. We ask our members to respect one another and focus on engagement – not conflict. We do not want you to use Senasen to shock or intimidate others.
  • Be Responsible. We ask members to act in accordance to their own employers’ code of conduct, rules, and guidelines. You are representing not just yourself but also your employer.
Simple guidelines to provide the foundation for the shared success of members.