What we do for Asset Managers

Senasen helps you build strong relationships with the investor community. You can exercise full control over the way your story is told, and share information in compliance with your policies. The tool enables you to profile your overall brand, profile individual funds, and communicate directly with interested investors.

Our easy to use and secure platform provides multiple access levels – meaning your compliance and marketing teams can both access and work together to:

Support asset retention and growth – keep investors engaged:

  • Build direct relationships with investors and explain your value proposition
  • Be beside the companies you have selected for your funds to leverage their brand and individual company value propositions
  • Reach new investors in a manner that suits them (and on any device)

Improve compliance and exercise control:

  • You control content
  • Compliance departments can have full access to all content and messaging
  • Our compliance friendly archive function records all of your activities for five years
  • Select what investor types can view your content
  • Choose sub-user access and permissions

Gain insight to enhance your clients’ experience:

  • On what your clients are saying by investor type and country
  • On companies - to support your own investment research
  • What your competitors are communicating

Incur minimal cost with maximum impact:

  • Free to create a basic account
  • Minimal subscription fee based on amount of content you post and the number of user accounts
  • Simply re-use and upload existing content you’ve already created and paid for

Senasen for Asset Managers

Senasen helps you exercise control over the way your story is told, ensuring that your own messages are heard and understood by the investors you seek. Click below to join us - or read more about our offering for companies and investors.

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