What we do for service providers

Senasen Marketplace is a new offering that allows service providers to build a profile, shine a spotlight on particular part of their offering and be found by hundreds of potential customers.

Senasen users are typically CEOs, CFOs, investor relations officers, fund managers and marketers, corporate communications teams, institutional and private investors. They represent a diverse range of businesses from start-ups to mature public and private companies, from small funds to global players, from private investors to institutional heavyweights.

If your company provides services to any of the organisations or roles listed above then we can help you reach a broader and more relevant audience.

Which types of service providers can sign-up?

Senasen Marketplace supports a number of different types of organization, including (but not limited to):

  • Industry bodies and trade associations
  • Exchanges
  • IR, communications and content agencies
  • Graphic design and video producers
  • Brokers
  • Lawyers, accountants and advisors
  • Custodian banks
  • Recruiters

How can Senasen help me meet my goals?

The Marketplace sits within the Senasen platform and you benefit from the same advanced functionality that allows our other members to connect, communicate and share.

Advertise your services and demonstrate what makes you different

  • Build a profile for your organization
  • Use marketing pages to highlight individual products and services
  • Post your most compelling documents and videos
  • Give regular updates and integrate an RSS feed

Be found by thousands of potential clients and customers

  • Companies, investors and asset managers can search for you by service type, geography and size
  • Prospective clients can follow you to receive regular updates and message you within the Senasen platform
  • Initiate Q&A sessions to spark debate on topics that relate to your proposition

Enjoy a seamless experience that was built around the needs of business users

  • It’s free to join. You only pay for advanced functionality, should you need it
  • Multiple access levels mean that you can designate some control to marketing and business development teams, communications and compliance
  • Setting up a profile takes less than seven minutes
  • Email notifications alert you to new followers, messages and other activity

Join today to start getting your message out there to a broader audience.

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