What we do

Senasen brings together companies and their investors through a secure, compliance-friendly and easy to use platform. We combine all of the opportunities of a global network with the benefits of a professional service – enabling companies, asset and wealth managers, and investors to share targeted content and to engage the people who matter to them.

Investor relations is changing:

  • MIFID II is bringing a radical change to the way in which research is paid for – meaning that smaller and less well known companies are not as likely to be covered by analysts;
  • Simultaneously, investors are seeking more information from companies – and greater integration in the way they report;
  • In fact, 68% of institutional investors say that non-financial information plays a pivotal role in investment decisions;
  • In parallel, asset managers are looking for more channels to communicate directly with their own prospective investors – primarily via content marketing and digital channels

Taken together, these trends are putting considerable pressure on IR and marketing teams; they are responding by spending more and creating more content. On a global basis, the average IR budget for a mid-cap firm is now over $388k.

However, companies and fund managers of every size and type often fail to get that content into the right hands. Face-to-face meetings are time consuming and expensive, company websites are only useful if investors already know where to look, and social media platforms weren’t built with IR or fund marketing in mind – only 28% of investors say they are an essential or useful tool.

At Senasen, we started with a blank slate and built a platform specifically around the needs of IR professionals, asset managers and investors. A platform that not only allows you to publish your content, but enables you to connect directly with current and potential investors.

Senasen enables you to:

  • Focus on the investors you most want to reach
  • Exercise control by choosing how much you want to engage
  • Keep an audit trail of all of your activities
  • Use multiple access levels that allow your compliance, IR and marketing teams to work together more efficiently
  • Gain insight into who is following you

Crucially, we don’t sell advertising space or monetise your data. We’re an independent company and our business model is based solely on subscription revenue – meaning that our users are our only priority.

Introduction to Senasen

Who we work with

From inception, Senasen was designed to bring together interrelated groups and to leverage the power of a truly global network. We host companies of all types – from dynamic start-ups to mega-cap public companies - and are used by a broad variety of investors, from professionals at major institutions to high net worth individuals. As a result, our platform hosts a varied and vibrant ecosystem that helps remove artificial barriers and minimises the impact of operational siloes.

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